Stay Competitive and let yourself Grow with Tzeng Li Syuan

Stay Competitive and let yourself Grow with Tzeng Li Syuan

My Sephora Journey

I started out as a Graphic Designer in the creative team at Sephora. I’d heavily focused on the aesthetics of each campaign, i.e. the look and feel of each online and in-store Sephora sales campaign. After five years, I actively sought to find a new role within Sephora SEA, something that tied in well with my specialised skills in design, but equally stimulating and exciting. 

I chanced upon the open role of a UX designer and felt that I would be able to utilise my skills in a different space. Thankfully, I was offered the role after performing well on the assessments. 

With my awesome Sephora creative team at the launch of Sephora Mini Mart at ION!

From Graphic to UX Designer

I used to focus on the overall aesthetic appeal and brand message to customers. However, a UX designer’s role is fundamentally different. Critical processes need to be done before the design process begins, such as reviewing users’ feedback, detailed research and competitive analysis. Being a UX designer allowed me to dive deeper into understanding users’ needs, wants and concerns. It also enabled me to conduct research and analyse data critically according to the consumer and user interfaces and perception. There is more critical thinking and research involved in UX to ensure we meet customers’ needs. With my background in graphic design, it is the fundamental building block of what is required of a UX designer. 

Thankful for my sweet creative team who threw me a birthday surprise!

Always there for you

The UX team operates on a “squad” format, where each “squad” focus on different parts of the user design process. We partner closely with the technology team to ensure the designs developed meet the coding requirements before the functions are created. The technology team meet with us weekly to share projects’ updates, brainstorm, and support one another. The UX team are equally very close-knit and are unafraid to reach out to one another for support in order to grow together and achieve goals as a team. 

My biggest goal in this career switch is to continue to advance as a designer in user experience and improve my research skills. I’d also like to have fun and enjoy every step of the process. Also, the most interesting aspect for me is conducting user interviews as it gives me room to analyse and place myself in the shoes of users. Sometimes, I can be surprised by the answers that I receive from users, as it can be vastly different from what I had expected. 

Store visit with my design team for the launch of clean at Sephora!

Stay Relevant and Competitive wherever you go

Be uncomfortable, try not to stay static. The more uncomfortable you are in your space, the more you are unafraid to step out of your comfort zone, the more likely you would achieve the results that you want. You need to be uncomfortable to be comfortable and you will see growth once you achieve your goals. With the skills that you have, continue to stay competitive and ensure that your skill sets stay relevant wherever you go! 

Having fun working onsite with my creative team!

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