5 Beauty Trends We’re Bringing with us into 2024

5 Beauty Trends We’re Bringing with us into 2024

Believe it or not, 2023 is almost behind us, but we’re betting a lot of beauty trends that took off this year will not go unnoticed in 2024. Calling all the early adopters: Join us as we look into the crystal beauty ball with Vivien Ding, Assistant Brands Incubation Manager, Sephora Asia, to uncover five influential beauty trends that will find its way into the new year. 


#1 Rave & Concert Makeup Looks 

2023 brought on some of the grandest world tours including Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Blackpink, Coldplay and more. With the return of celebrities’ world tours after three years of home karaoke, everyone the world is more than ready to party their nights away.

Concert-inspired looks are heavily influenced by raves or EDM (electronic dance music) parties. Think neon colours, glitter eyeshadows, or even facial stickers that would pop on your next TikTok or IG Reel. Don’t be surprised if you see someone rocking bold makeup looks at the office or on a casual day out – they’re just riding that post-concert high. 


Vivien says: Only makeup that can hold through a long night of partying will make the cut! I’m thinking of a long-lasting sweat-proof makeup foundation and a bomb-proof lip stain. Setting sprays are a must for this look. 


#2 The Glory of Blush 

2023 is the year we can safely and finally bid goodbye to face-masks. Apart from luscious lips, we are cueing the glorious return of blush. 

On Vivien’s radar is a new blush trend led by Gen Zs in China where it’s applied right under the eyes (a popular #douyinmakeup look). As for colour choices, Vivien immediately leans towards palettes in pink. With Barbiecore here to stay, pink shades serve up a sweet and fresh look that is easily wearable by anyone.

Highlighting the success of Barbiecore, Vivien also gives a heads up to makeup brands or content creators. “Consumers are looking for purpose and meaning in almost everything. Brands should tap on this trend to create products with an intention or story that customers can relate to, like paying homage to a certain look from the 90s or a specific heritage.”

Vivian Says: If you want something subtle and tailored just for you, be on the lookout for colour-changing PH blush, a product that adapts its colour according to your skin’s pH and humidity levels for a radiant finish. 


#3 Hybrid (Makeup + Skincare) Cosmetics

Consumers today are more discerning than ever, leading to a rise in demand for cosmetics that can double up as skincare too. Examples include makeup containing ingredients that are hydrating, anti-inflammatory or have antioxidant properties – giving your skin (and confidence) a double boost. “It’s a trend that’s here to stay”, predicts Vivien, because once people realise that skincare is the foundation for a great makeup look, there’s no going back.

Vivien says: Don’t forget SPF protection! You can look great with SPF-infused foundations or creams while protecting against sun-related ageing. 


#4 Dopamine Chic

Dopamine chic is a loud, bold and adventurous look inspired by “dopamine dressing”, a trend of wearing bright colours and styles, which many believe, triggers the release of dopamine – the “happy” hormone. Vivien calls this “revenge-makeup”, where consumers value self-expression more than ever, especially when 2023 was the year we all really got the chance to let loose. Think shimmer, bright pink, red, orange, blue and yellow!

Viven says: I love bright colours! Sephora is always looking to help our customers  who’re looking for disruptive and bold looks to express their individual styles. 


#5 Minimalist Holistic Beauty 

In contrast to Dopamine Chic, Vivien predicts its antithesis will share the spotlight in the new year. Minimalist Holistic Beauty is equally about feeling as good as you look, but incorporating makeup with warm, nude, and desert-inspired tones.

Drawing inspiration from the calm that neutral and down-to-earth shades bring, these colours help to nourish the mind and soul. 

Vivien says: Some people incorporate the concept of chromotherapy (a kind of therapy utilising colour to help their mental and physical health) into their makeup looks. I love the idea because beauty is all about feeling good inside and out. 


In the end, Vivien emphasises that the best look to bring into the new year is a positive one. “Use makeup to express the energy YOU want to bring into the new year. There’s no better look than one that you’ve injected your unique brand into.

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