Know your Dreams & be open to Opportunities with Darren Ho

Know your Dreams & be open to Opportunities with Darren Ho

My Sephora Journey

Since placing 2nd in the national brand marketing competition back in college, I discovered my passion and spent 15 fruitful years working in various marketing positions in the beauty industry, specialising in Brick-and-Mortar. 

Before joining Sephora SEA, I spent 8 years in Makeup Forever where I’d had several positive interactions with the Sephora team. Craving for a change, I actively searched for an opportunity internally and successfully landed a spot in the Sephora Collection team.

Spot me with my awesome Sephora Collection Team over zoom! Featuring our one-of-a-kind EVP backgrounds

Best of both worlds – Brand & Retailer

My experience helped hone my marketing skills from a brand’s perspective. Transiting into the retailer side of things gives a full-scale perspective of the business, which has spurred my interest to grow our beloved house brand, Sephora Collection. I am thoroughly enjoying the best of both worlds because my role covers both Sephora as the prestige beauty retailer and Sephora, the brand. 

Really fun team bonding at the Museum of Ice Cream!

Closely Knit Sephora Collection Team

We are a small team of 6 who partner closely to oversee strategy deployment, marketing plans and animation launches for 9 markets and other digital markets. The team culture here is one built on mutual trust, good rapport and collaboration. 

Sephora Collection consists of a wide assortment and range of products, from skincare and makeup down to miscellaneous items such as cotton pad, cotton buds, and nail clippers. This makes the team largely open to discuss anything and everything with regards to beauty. 

We are also given the freedom to plan and execute an endless number of fun things at Sephora Collection. For instance, our holiday collection is a massive annual project with 40 seasonal products, which is remarkably huge for a standalone brand! Despite the heavy workload which begins in June, it’s super fun and exciting. The upside is that I get six months of Christmas instead of a day, which brings me so much joy!

Did someone say ice cream?

Know your Dreams & be open to Unexpected Opportunities

It is important for you to be aware of what you want, why and where you want to go. Try to be precise so that your leaders are able to guide you. 

There are plenty of opportunities within LVMH to explore your options and reach far. For instance, if you’ve experienced the beauty industry and would like to explore wine and spirits, the open culture means that you can chat to various parties and work towards it. Last but not least, don’t be closed off to other opportunities, even if it’s not on your dream path. You never know what you might chance upon that could be beyond your expectations. 


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