Taking Stock of your Career Mobility with Stella Wee

Taking Stock of your Career Mobility with Stella Wee

Making the Big Switch

My Sephora journey began in 2017, where after building my experience at leading  Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, I jumped at the opportunity to work in the field of beauty. I simply love that Sephora prides itself with a robust network of committed individuals who have a strong sense of purpose to beautify and empower people.

Back then, as Regional Assistant Manager of Procurement and Inventory, I was able to have a macro view of the business, where I grew to appreciate the dynamism and uniqueness of each market. 

New Opportunities, New Growth

I love converting plans into actionable workflows, so I was over the moon when I got the opportunity to move to the local team as the Supply Chain Manager for Singapore! I wanted to be closer to the heart of our business, to have a direct impact on our results in a fast-paced environment, and so this opportunity allowed me to flex my preference and abilities as the one who makes things happen rather than advising from afar.

In my role, I oversee the end-to-end supply chain activities of our 11 retail stores. These include inventory management, new product launches, and reverse logistics. What many people take for granted in this role is effective communication. It builds important relationships with local stakeholders like selective brands, and category management, and the marketing teams. With effective communication, my regional teammates and our beloved brands boost the productivity of our stocks across omni-channels while maintaining a healthy inventory level for the country. 

Supplied with the Right Mindset, you can do Anything!

This move has been nothing short of rewarding. It is my Sephora leaders who supported my decision and my regional experience that gave me a head start that led to me easing into my new role quickly. I continue to be inspired by the passion of our cast members in stores and the dedication of the Sephora family to grow our beauty community. 

Equally, I find the supply chain function extremely interesting and fun! There is never a dull day; the COVID-19 situation calls for us to step up our agility and be ever-ready to face the unpredictable.

There are many types of career mobility. It can be a geographical relocation, a switch to another maison, or just a move like mine from regional to a local role. My advice is to keep an open mind and look out for roles that suit your strengths. Talk to your Sephora leaders too, they  are more supportive than you think and can look out for roles that suit your aspirations. The LVMH group is a big melting pot of diversity and many maisons that we can explore for our career endeavours. So, if you come across an opportunity that makes your heart skip a beat, I will say ‘go for it!’


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