Never stop Learning and Realise your Potential with Melissa Tan

Never stop Learning and Realise your Potential with Melissa Tan

Internal Mobility from Regional Director Retail Operations to Regional Director Retail Experience within Sephora SEA (Lateral Movement)

My Sephora Journey 

I started my career 21 years ago as a management trainee at DFS. Since then, I’ve explored many different roles across store operations, store design and development, business analytics, merchandising, and e-commerce.

After trying out different functions, I realised that being able to provide a better consumer experience leveraging omni channel initiatives, tools and technology gives me the greatest excitement. I finally found my area of expertise within retail and delved into it for the next 16 years. In totality, I have spent a total of 14 years within the LVMH Group – DFS, Loewe, Sephora SEA.

 Always proud to be a Sephoran!

Retail Revolutionised 

I oversee three pillars, which are retail store projects, Omni-commerce, and innovation. With the advent of digitalisation and the omni-channel approach, the rapid evolution of retail requires a step change in the experience we provide in stores. It is crucial to have robust retail operations and processes, the right resources, digital tools, and skills that could help to transform customer experience in our Sephora stores.

My amazing retail experience team that wears multiple hats!

The Jack of all trades

My team and I work very closely, like a family. We have specialists who are highly skilled in different areas of expertise, such as folks who are highly retail oriented and others who are experts at building and constructing stores from scratch. 

Our dedicated omni-commerce and innovation teams act as the bridge between commercial users and the business by building, applying and actively merging online and offline tools together. Lastly, we have an expert who takes charge of all the enterprise systems such as POS and the retail backend.

With our myriad skill sets, we fuse together our know-how and ultimately aim to elevate the consumer experience in stores. Chiefly, we are a fun bunch with a good mix of backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, and age. As a retail experience team, we have partner with almost every department to roll out and execute projects and campaigns. 

 Just a chill day in our Sephora SEA office!

Never stop learning, realise your full potential  

The retail experience is a whole new ball game twenty years ago and at present. Our goal as a team is to enable change and deliver on the future of retail. It’s not an easy feat but it’s critical that we remain positive and happy throughout the process. The one piece of advice I have is to never stop learning. I continue to learn something new every day, and truly believe that I would have lost my job by now if I stagnated. 

The Sephora management team genuinely cares about our welfare and provide many opportunities to grow and learn. I’m very proud to be a part of Sephora.

 I love delivering an excellent retail customer journey for our beloved customers!

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