Using Curiosity as a Secret Weapon to Success with Xinxiao Liu

Using Curiosity as a Secret Weapon to Success with Xinxiao Liu

Beauty with an Emotional Connection

I always strive to build an emotional connection with Sephora’s customers. This means trying to understand what customers want and advising them on beauty tips to enhance their confidence and be a better version of themselves. Throughout my years at Sephora, me and my team have scored many wins and progressed both career-wise and emotion-wise.

Thinking outside the Box Leads to great Breakthroughs

We wanted to continue to build on our successes in 2020. Unfortunately, the pandamic hit and business was affected. To ensure business continuity, we quickly made the switch to bring our business focuses online

Building our social media followers was an extremely slow process for us. In the first 3 months, we had only 200 followers! Everybody from frontline beauty advisors to our district managers were anxious. I volunteered to take on the responsibility of developing a strategy to increase our followers to help drive sales. I had no experience with this but I was optimistic and confident. I read materials on live streaming, learnt about different KOL (Key Opinion Leader) strategies, sought professional advise, and held brainstorming sessions with the team. We became more proficient with utilising social media and finally achieved the ultimate dream of “e-commerce live-streaming.” To top it off, we were recognised with the “Best Team in Innovative Breakthroughs” award! That recognition really showed we had made huge strides in adapting our business in the midst of the pandemic situation.

Using Curiousity to Solve Problems one at a Time

Having to adapt our business focus to cope with the unprecendented effect of the pandemic really let me flex my brain muscle, and the problems we encountered on the way were made easier to solve by my curious nature. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been curious and love trying out new things. I sang, danced, practiced calligraphy, learnt drawing, did public speaking. Sephora provides me that platform to allow my curiousity to flourish.

Sephora has given me the opportunity to explore different roles and different types of work. I’ve been a salesperson, tried live-streaming, worked as a store opening team lead, and now, an assistant store manager. In addition, I’ve also helped with the planning of our 2019 Beijing Foreign Studies University campus recruitment efforts, and acted as the team head where I led 40 colleagues in participation of Sephora Day – an event where the latest global beauty trends are showcased.

I am grateful to Sephora for the experiences I have gained along the way and going forward, I will continue to work hard in creating value for our customers, peers, partners and the wider beauty community! Keep on being Curious!

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