Growing Stronger Together with Celeste Chan

Growing Stronger Together with Celeste Chan

A Strong Brand and a Stronger Career

The first three months of coming to Sephora was a bit of a wild fantasy. 2017 brought a surge in our cosmetics business and the merchandising department was at the stage of expansion. The makeup team was not fully staffed at that time, so it was really a case of all hands-on deck. 

I wasn’t too fussed with having to jump into the action immediately because there’s no better way to gain in-depth knowledge of our operations than by charging right into the heart of it. This baptism of fire helped me to quickly get onboard my new role at Sephora.

The following year, I was asked to manage a well-known luxury brand. I was excited as this would no doubt help with my career development. Yet, I was equally nervous because this customer was known to be extremely difficult! 

Initially, I treaded carefully – simply trying to meet the needs of our brand partner. But soon enough, I found that this was not a long-term solution as requirements and demands were constantly changing. 

Hence, I made it my business to know their business model inside out, and come up with ideas to develop their brands within our Sephora ecosystem. This approach allowed me to build long lasting, win-win relationships based on the fundamentals of true understanding and trust.

I now manage a wide range and comprehensive brand portfolio ranging from international names to niche exclusive brands, as well as Sephora’s own start-up brands.

Planting the Seeds of Talent and Growth

Another way Sephora helps us to Endlessly Evolve is through the amazing opportunities we are given to express our passions and grow our talent. In 2019, we held a grand annual event – a great time of getting together with our Sephora family, and to show off our wonderful talent.

With my boss’ nomination, HR invited me to perform. Together with the teachers and students at my dance studio, I performed an exotic belly dance for the audience under the intertwining of dreamy lights and music.

Yes, belly dancing is actually one of my many hobbies! But my love for belly dancing goes beyond just dance, it holds deep meaning for me.

In modern society, the independence of the modern woman creates an impetus for women to “prove” that we can be equals to men. However, instead of “strength” just being displayed with masculinity, I also believe that the softness of a woman is a strength that can be celebrated through this beautiful art.

With the ancient body movements, I get to re-learn about myself and focus on the present. Through the expression of body language, a woman can also be so soft and full of meaning. 

It’s so touching that the company’s leaders and my colleagues are so supportive of my hobby and passion! The pursuit and praise of beauty among women goes beyond skin deep – because after all, we are a company dedicated to bringing beauty to more people.

At Sephora, I’ve taken courses that range from wine appreciation, speech skills, idea processing, and expression. The entire LVMH Group constantly launches extracurricular activities year after year that support us in enriching our lives.

I am also fortunate to have joined the Growing Together training program. It’s been an extremely valuable experience which has made me realise that everyone is irreplaceably unique. This really ties in with another pillar at Sephora – Beauty and Beyond, by truly helping people to understand their own traits so that they can play to their strengths.

These training courses, extra-curricular activities and work practices have allowed me to make long-term progress over time. Since 2017, my role has continued to Endlessly Evolve upwards. I look forward to welcoming more brands in the future and helping more brand partners to take root in Sephora. Let’s grow together!

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