Fashioning New Opportunities for Growth with Morgan Wilson

Fashioning New Opportunities for Growth with Morgan Wilson

Jumping at the Opportunity

To me, “Endless Evolution” means growing in your career, and as a Field Training Executive, a lot of that comes from the different hands-on experiences gained out in the field. A super memorable experience first came knocking in the first week of June 2021. Members of the Sephora Australia/New Zealand Training Team, Sephora Collection District Captains and selected artists were given the extraordinary opportunity to join Isabella Schimid, a Sydney based hair and makeup artist with over 25 years in the industry, to be on the set of the Australian label Commas fashion show. Talk about an opportunity you can’t miss!

Getting the Show On!

We began with a 4am call time to the picturesque set on Sydney’s Tamarama beach and hit the ground running right away with models in our chairs ready for us to create magic! The room was filled with a buzzing energy right from the start, as hair and makeup artists wasted no time working simultaneously to have the models’ runway ready in record time. I reveled in the opportunity to get this hands-on experience, and the adrenaline of working at an actual show really got me excited.

Utilising products from our Clean at Sephora category, we prepped the models based on the brief “dewy skin and minimal makeup” with a pinpoint focus on skin prepping, correcting and enhancing the individual models’ natural features and clean lived in skin. Isabella worked closely with us to execute her vision by mentoring us with her expertise, celebrating our artistry skills and encouraging us to work together. This was a great example of how mentors and experts in the field can play a very important role in guiding our work.

Partners in Growth

When it came time for the models to walk the runway, we were lined up in a row with a final touch-up step to ensure the perfection of each look. No detail was overlooked as we blotted excess oil, patted lip balm into the lips, brushed up eyebrows and gave a final spritz of hydration. We made sure that every model looked their best right up to the very minute before they walked that runway. It was a stunning show, all thanks to amazing collaborations from different partners in the beauty industry.

We are so lucky to have these amazing partnerships in the industry and to have had the opportunity to showcase our talent not only at Sephora every day, but through incredible experiences like Australian Fashion Week 2021. There’s nothing like growing your career through firsthand experience supported by amazing colleagues and partners.

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