Expand your Horizons & go for Opportunities with Vikas Gupta

Expand your Horizons & go for Opportunities with Vikas Gupta

Internal Mobility across Performance Marketing, Channel Analytics, Mobile Marketing to Omni-commerce & Innovation in Sephora SEA

My Sephora Journey

When I first joined Sephora in 2016, I was the Manager of Performance Marketing and Channel Analytics. I oversaw a couple of portfolios there, such as performance marketing, channel analytics, Search Engine Optimisation. After three years, I was promoted to Senior Manager of mobile marketing. Throughout my time in the e-commerce team, realisation dawned upon me that I had made a crucial impact on one part of the ecosystem, which is the e-commerce team. 

As retail continually evolves, I yearn to be a part of this revolution, where I can broaden my horizons and achieve an all-encompassing commerce experience. When the opportunity to be the Senior Manager of Omni-commerce and Innovation arose, I seized the opportunity and I’m ecstatic to have the chance to expand my horizons in this position. 

Working in Sephora for 6 years is truly incomparable to anywhere else!

From E-commerce to Retail Experience

Each experience I had in Sephora had its own affinity. Notably, there were two pillars that stood out to me – digitalising in-store customer journey and building an omni-channel experience across all platforms. Omni-commerce is an intriguing job scope, where I am learning many things such as change management, new technology and execution of retail projects.   

Here in Sephora, our goal is to provide the best omni-channel experience to our customers. Since we embarked on this journey, we started off with analysing the data at various digital touchpoints, down to investment in building tools and resources to solve business problems. In addition, we have also created various applications to facilitate the Sephora customer journey through our Beauty Advisors such as the Beauty Advisor app and Skincredible. 

Always Learning – E-commerce to Retail Experience

In totality, moving to Omni-commerce and innovation was an enriching experience. I learned the various processes in retail and ways to manage the multiple business stakeholders, from all walks of life. I learned how to break down the language of the business to the different stakeholders so that the retail experience can be enhanced. As the Senior Manager of Omni-commerce and innovation, my main job scope would be to continuously strengthen digital tools to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

With the onset of COVID-19, retail has evolved in ways faster than we had thought. With the increase in demand for E-commerce, there has been a change of expectations such as a need for delivery and different types of commerce, such as conversational commerce and social commerce.

Know your motivations & go for it 

When a chance for internal mobility arises, be it a lateral or horizontal move, one should have the right motivations before embarking on a mobility. An internal mobility helps you to expand your scope of competencies, adding tons of value to your career. Be aware of the skills needed and go for it when the opportunity arises. Lastly, I firmly believe that it also helps to build your confidence and mould you into the jack of all traits. 

 With my absolutely solid Retail Experience team!


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