Expanding Horizons in e-Commerce with Germaine Chng

Expanding Horizons in e-Commerce with Germaine Chng

Building Up a Wealth of e-Commerce Experience

I started my journey with Sephora six years ago as a Campaign Executive across five markets namely, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. At that point in time, my focus was to develop and grow our e-commerce business.

Many people assume the explosive growth in e-commerce over the past few years makes the job easy, but the diversity of the region meant that each country had to tailor its strategy to differentiate and stay ahead! To deepen my experience, I made that leap to relocate to Sydney to take on a new challenge as E-commerce Assistant Manager. My key responsibilities were to develop key e-commerce strategies and campaign best practices for Sephora Australia and New Zealand.

Crossing Borders, Physically and Career-wise

Working in a country role meant I had to adapt from my previous regional role. I curated campaigns and strategies catered to the local market and it motivated me greatly to track the tangible impact of the decisions and strategies I was making with the team. I knew my hard work was paying off when I saw our customers connecting with us on our campaigns and using our e-commerce platform! Several highlights of my time in Sephora Australia and New Zealand was when I was awarded for embracing Disruptive Spirit during the 2018 DNA Awards and getting to attend Sephora Australia’s Press Day 2019

After four extremely rewarding years with Sephora Australia and New Zealand, I wanted to move back to Singapore to be closer to family. So, I sought out opportunities within Sephora to continue growing my career in e-commerce. This led me to my current role as E-commerce Manager in my home country. 

Going.. no, Growing Back to my Roots! 

At the time of this writing, I’ve only been back for three months, but it has been enriching as ever!. The new role requires me to have a heightened awareness of the big picture in terms of strategy and an understanding of the local market to identify new opportunities. Challenges and uncertainties are part and parcel of change, but I look forward to expanding and growing with Sephora Singapore!

If you’re keen on making a career move, it is a good idea to know what and where you envision your next role to be. This will help in your conversations with your manager and be directed to the right stakeholders to pursue your interests. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explore the opportunities that may come your way. Keep a positive attitude and an open mind to embrace the new experiences!


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