Growing People to their Greatest with Jesseca Leong

Growing People to their Greatest with Jesseca Leong

Rising to the Challenge Right off the Bat

I am inspired by People, I am motivated by People and I have grown to become the person I am because of the People around me. About 6 years ago, I was given the opportunity by the General Manager of Sephora Malaysia to step into this huge family even though I had zero knowledge about Beauty.

My first year as Store Manager felt like a blur. I was clueless, demotivated, and had no sense of direction as things kept changing around me. Even then, I was given the task to take up an even bigger challenge, which was to take charge of the No.1 store in Malaysia at that time, Sephora Starhill. Starhill was an iconic store located in the Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle. It not only had the top sales performance in Malaysia, but it also had the biggest team. I had my work cut out for me: I needed to strengthen teamwork, achieve higher sales numbers, and of course, build a better relationship with all the team members. So, here started my roller-coaster journey.

Communication Comes from the Heart

In figuring out how to navigate my way and how to best lead the team, I spent my first month observing and understanding on who best suited to tackle the different tasks and projects. Less Mouth, More Eyes was my approach. From there, a Sisterhood was formed. It was a sisterhood that gave guidance, provided support and celebrated successes and our team was recognized with awards like ““Low Staff-Turnover 2014”, “Starhill Target Achievement 2017”, etc.

Since then, opportunities have never stopped coming. I’ve attended People Development Trainings organized by the LVMH Group, participated in our Sephora Store Manager Summit, and took part in various training programs such as the “Sephora Leading Together”.

Growth is what Drives me

My biggest achievement to date is Sephora Fahrenheit88, the mega flagship store that opened in January 2020. From 21 team members, we’ve now more than doubled to a 46-member team. I truly believe in communication. Without communication, there is no improvement. Without communication, there is no growth. I will never forget the guidance and opportunities given to me by the General Manager of Sephora Malaysia, as well as my direct manager who helped me to grow and prosper continuously.

The strength and power I receive from my Sisterhood has pushed me through thick and thin. Remember to be always Be Open, Be Yourself and Be United. Sephora is a place where you will be accepted despite your weaknesses and where you will be able to grow to greater strengths.

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