Ever-growing at Sephora with Spencer Liang

Ever-growing at Sephora with Spencer Liang

Mastering the Basics

I joined Sephora as an Operation Management Trainee (OMT) in 2015 after graduation. Since then, I have been exposed to all kinds of adventures and learning opportunities.

My first year saw me learning about all the basics of what makes a Sephora storefront run, such as visual display, inventory management, cashiering. Besides mastering daily store operations, I had to complete various training classes and exams, which created a wholesome learning experience for me.

Skilling up on the Job

In July of 2017, I was transferred to the Shanghai Xiang Yang flagship store and was in charge of managing the store’s display. It was an experience that taught me patience and the importance of being detail oriented. Later in 2018, I was assigned to the “Special Task Force” for the opening of the Shanghai Shimao Plaza store. I had to have the new store set up, from scratch, in two weeks – from inventory management, cashier, visual display, shifts arrangement, to rallying the team and getting them organised and motivated. On the day of the store opening, not only did we receive acknowlegement from the management team, but also praises from our cast members located in other Sephora stores. What’s more, we broke the store opening sales record for China!

Growing and Glowing as a Team

My experience here at Sephora as made me understand the saying, “there is no such thing as a successful individual, only a successful team.” Throughout my experience in Sephora, I have learned how to lead a team and create unity and form trusting bonds with team members.

At Sephora, you will always find new challenges, new opportunities, and become a better version of yourself. I’m proud to say, I am a Sephoran!

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