Boldly Going where your Passion takes you with Siti Aminah

Boldly Going where your Passion takes you with Siti Aminah

Rising up the Ranks in Beauty

My first experience with my Sephora career was when I took on the role of a Store Supervisor at Sephora Malaysia in 2012 after honing my craft in the beauty industry for 11 years. To my surprise and delight, I was offered an opportunity to move to the Plaza Singapura outlet in Singapore the following year!

Over the next few years, I flourished in this environment where I was progressively promoted from Senior Supervisor to Assistant Store Manager, and eventually to Store Manager in 2021. Then, in August 2021, I was given the opportunity to lead the ION Flagship store! I felt like all my hard work has paid off with this amazing opportunity.

Managing the ION Flagship store is no mean feat. For one, it has a lot more cast members than a regular store, with several teams under one roof given its size and traffic. In the beginning, it was a challenge to adjust my communication style and the ways of working needed for the different teams. It was equally important to carefully manage time and learn how to prioritize the various tasks and projects assigned.

With Big Responsibility Comes Big… Growth! 

Leading one of the largest Sephora stores in Southeast Asia  has granted me a unique vantage point to gain insights into Sephora and the beauty industry as a whole. I’ve learnt that there are both hard and soft skills needed in order to keep our store running healthily. For instance, operational excellence is crucial – all our cast members have KPIs to hit, including qualitative metrics such as customer experience. Equally important, we do our part to ensure that employee welfare is as prioritized as driving the business.

We empower our employees by giving them the freedom to explore, brainstorm and add their own flair into upcoming projects. As the manager, I aim to provide support and guidance whenever they need. Furthermore, giving them the freedom to explore improves their performance as they are uplifted, and develop a sense of purpose for their work.

Creating the Space to be Boldly Authentic

One of biggest highlights for me this year was to be one of the winners at this year’s Flame Award, under the Boldly Authentic pillar. To me, this pillar stands for inclusion and embracing your unique, authentic self in an international and diverse team. By ensuring an inclusive workplace for my colleagues where they are unafraid to be themselves, I’m making sure I stay true to this important pillar of Sephora.

To all those who want to pursue a career in beauty, there are no shortcuts when it comes to success. You need to put in the work but make sure you enjoy what you’re doing enough so you can see the big picture when things start to get tough. Everything is easier in theory than in practice, so don’t be afraid to adapt and improvise. Always focus on your purpose, passion, and happiness to stay on track.


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