Jumping Right into the Deep End with Sophia Tan

Jumping Right into the Deep End with Sophia Tan

New Things around every Corner

I was blessed with the opportunity to start my journey in the beauty world as the Social Media and Influencer Marketing Executive at Sephora Malaysia. After being in the retail fashion industry for close to 3-4 years, I decided a change was necessary, and I was right! Time flies when you’re having fun and being occupied. With a blink of an eye, I have been with Sephora for almost 3 years now!

Despite being at Sephora for years, I sometimes feel like I’m forever new. The beauty industry is very fluid and ever changing, adding to the excitement! At times, this can be good and bad but overall these experiences add up to the right amount of spice, leading to many lessons learnt. This adds to the excitement as you constantly get unexpected suprises. This can be good and bad, but these experiences add up to the right amount of spice and lessons to be learnt.


Jumping Right into the Sea of Learning

Thinking back, I still can’t believe how far I’ve come. I recall my first week in Sephora Malaysia was filled with crash courses and handovers. Then, I was sent to Bangkok for a team building trip three weeks into the role. I was soon engaged in my first Hari Raya event in my second month, involved in the Sephora Press Day in my third, and worked together with the team in the Sabah store opening event on my fifth! Well, the rest is history. My exact feelings during that time were “take a leap of faith to jump into the deep sea and insist on learning and swimming”.

Fast forward to almost 3 years later, my sweetest memories continue to grow with countless events, campaigns, store openings, and new friends along the way. My persistence and passion paid off with a promotion last year. I’ve learnt to be agile, more confident, to think from different perspectives, and to never give up trying. I belive that strength and grit grow with every challenge that comes.

Behind every Successful Career is a Great Team

My superiors and co-workers play a major role in my life – giving me great advices on work and personal life, being my trusted cheerleaders, and to accepting me with open arms. As well as my family – for reminding me the reasons of my decisions and why I started.

I have now expanded my role to also take on PR. I am excited that I am continuously learning and growing. I am glad to contiribute to Sephora’s effort in building the most loved beauty community.

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