Seizing the Growth Culture with Nakita Naidoo

Seizing the Growth Culture with Nakita Naidoo

Hitting the Ground Running

When I began my journey with Sephora just over a year ago, I would have never dreamed of being in the role I am in today. I started off as Beauty Advisor in June 2019, and come October the same year, I saw a new role of Skincare Specialist advertised. I decided to put myself forward for the role as I was looking to elevate myself in the business. Since being selected for the role, I have become a key part of the team and helped lead a whole lot of skincare related activities in the business, for example, training cast and managers, assisting in skincare related sales, etc. I am currently looking to further my growth, and this has all in a way been fast tracked by speaking to the right people and showing/actioning my interests to all my amazing superiors at Sephora.

One Career, Many Skills

When I started my career with Sephora, my dream was to try out different roles and gain different exposures. Since then, I have been constantly evolving and developing my skills…be it through trainings and or feedback from fellow Sephora Management Trainee (SMT) members. There are always opportunities for growth in such a large-scale business and it is extremely rewarding knowing that support is available every step of the way.

Always be Hungry for Growth

I’d strongly recommend everyone to seize every opportunity to learn and grow because whether big or small, they are experiences that can be accumulated for bigger opportunities. Here at Sephora, we are constantly presented with opportunities and it truly is a disservice to one’s career to not put your hand up or put yourself forward for a new challenge! Your actions always speak louder than your words.


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