Loving yourself from the Inside Out with Karen Styles

Loving yourself from the Inside Out with Karen Styles

Self-Love, Self-Care – That’s Beauty

My earliest beauty memories are with my mother as a child where I would sit and watch her apply her skincare, makeup and fragrance religiously. With three kids in tow, looking back now, I realized how she prioritized this ritual for herself every day. To me that’s what beauty is, the self-care and self-love, which can set you up to make you feel on top of the world and allow you to put your best foot forward no matter what your day entails.

Being the Best means Going Above and Beyond

Working for the pinnacle of beauty was always a dream and just two years ago, it became my reality. There is never a slow day at Sephora, as an industry disruptor, you are always in search of ways to remain at the top of your game. Being organized for me is key as it allows me to be flexible with any last-minute actions or challenges that may arise.

Our Brands are here to make Memories

We, Sephorans, have an obsession with finding new brands, identifying big bets and trends that customers would love. Understanding their needs, wants, and desires are what drive us to continuously source for brands that will fill that void for them. I love when launching a new brand or SKU, how our customers react as it comes to life in store and online. Ultimately, we are there to help create their beauty memories, whether it is a lipstick for a particular interview, the fragrance for their wedding, or the moisturizer that becomes their holy grail. Just like how my beauty memories first started.

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