Follow your Dreams and Dare to Try with Sharon Yan

Follow your Dreams and Dare to Try with Sharon Yan

How It All Began

When I was offered the opportunity to be part of the Sephora family and manage all the Skincare brands exclusive to Sephora, I was overjoyed as I’m just so passionate about all things beauty, whether it’s fashion, skincare, makeup, fragrance, etc. During my time in the role, I had an opportunity to work with an up and coming independent brand; however, the negotiation was for a one-off contract deal, which was something Sephora has never done before. I had a strong inclination that this was an opportunity we had to seize as I saw the potential the brand had. It took a lot of influencing and persuading; but in the end, we achieved a successful partnership with this brand. What a win for me!

I’m Not Afraid to be My Boldest, Truest Self in My Team

Three years later, I was transferred to manage the Makeup team. At that time, I noticed that every team member was working on differing projects, and performance was affected. I made a conscious effort to observe and had many discussions with team members. We decided that having a common focus was the key for the team to succeed. We then refocused our energy on an omnichannel project. Even though we hit many obstacles during project implementation; the result we acheived exceeded everyone’s expectations.

At Sephora, I’ve always been able to do what I believe is right, and I’m not afraid to bring out my “real” self.

An Inclusive Team Makes all the Difference

I believe if you’re willing to follow your dreams and be bold to try new things, everything will come to you. I’m now in my third role, managing the ‘Perfume and Haircare’ category.

The last seven years of my career at Sephora has been a testament to the inclusive and supportive environment that Sephora creates. My different roles in different positions have motivated me to learn different ways of thinking and become a better me.

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